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Re: [BKARTS] Nipping Presses

I'm afraid you are misinformed.  It may well be that most of the presses you are able to obtain at a reasonable price are old copy presses.  It does not follow that these are the same as nipping presses, or that they do the same job.  Nipping presses are designed to give more pressure, and their larger size and weight contribute to this.  

Although I now make mostly miniature books, I have a long experience and thorough training  in bookbinding, and would not advise a school or college to buy an old copy press to do the same job as a nipping press.  But that is purely my opinion.  It is still possible to buy old nipping presses and new ones for that matter, but probably at greater cost.  I appreciate that you are in business, and that there are many people who are perfectly happy with an old copy press. I also feel that it is important for people to have as much information as possible when buying equipment they may be using for many years.
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