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[BKARTS] Prints banned from Frieze Art Fair

Forwarded to me from another listserv - thought some of you might be interested.

Hello all,

  Below is an article recently posted in the Art Newspaper (the original is here: http://www.theartnewspaper.com/article01.asp?id=369) 
 This type of exclusion of printmaking is, of course, ludicrous. If you'd like to respond, the Art Newspaper has a comment section at the end of the article. Please feel free to comment directly to Frieze and the Armory Show as well at:
 *info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; http://www.frieze.com/contact.htm
 *Katelijne De Backer, Director of the Armory Show: k.debacker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Feel free to forward

 Specialists may also be excluded from the Armory in New York 
 Posted 13 July 2006 
 LONDON/NEW YORK. Specialist print dealers have been excluded from London's Frieze fair, and are likely to be barred from the Armory show in New York next year. 
 The organisers of Frieze have sent a letter to print publishers such as Alan Cristea, Paragon Press and Two Palms saying that certain categories of exhibitor will not be admitted this year. The reasons given are that prints don't look good in a fairsÂ?, and that the dealers do not have primacy of representationsÂ? of the artists they show. 
 There are also indications that the Armory show in New York may follow suit. The fairs communications director Pamela Doan said: We will be discussing with the Selection Committee how to maximise the space for participants. We do not have clear plans to announce yet about how we will include print dealers in The Armory Show 2007. It will probably be different to 2006, though,Â? she said. 
 ââ?¬Å?It is completely ludicrous,ââ?¬Â? says Alan Cristea. ââ?¬Å?Art fairs are full of multiples: sculpture, photography, even a lot of paintings incorporate printing techniques. This excludes all the people who have the specialised knowledge.ââ?¬Â? 
 This is an sign of an overheated, cliquey market, and it is incredibly short-sighted,says Charles Booth-Clibborn, founder of Paragon. Buyers often start with prints: they are a seedbed for future collectors.David Lasry of Two Palms is fumingÂ?. He said: This is the way the entire market is going, they want to push us out to make way for paintings dealers. 
 The irony, notes Mr Cristea, is that Frieze's main sponsor is Deutsche Bank, noted for its fine corporate collection that is predominantly of prints. G.A.
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