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[BKARTS] Weekend Workshops 2006-7

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Posted on behalf of Designer Bookbinders and the Society of bookbinders

Weekend Workshops 2006-7

23-24 September 2006 - Introduction to Paper Repair with Michael Burke

21-22 October 2006 - Edge Gilding with Julian Thomas

11-12 November 2006 - Expanding the Fold with Sue Doggett

20-21 January 2007 - A Drop-Back Box with Leather Spine with Stephen Conway

17-18 February 2007 - Limp Vellum Binding with Gene Mahon

17-18 March 2007 - Onlays, Inlays & Scarf Joints with Peter Jones

Welcome to the third series of joint workshops offered by Designer Bookbinders and the Society of Bookbinders.

These workshops offer structured, intensive learning from established, well-respected teachers. They are designed to stress a practical approach where participants complete a structure or technique following demonstrations from the teacher. The size of each workshop is limited to allow students to benefit from individual attention.

Once again we are offering six workshops on varied topics, from traditional techniques to historical and innovative structures, in five different venues across the country.

We hope you will be tempted - and please remember that the workshops fill up quickly, so we urge you to sign up early to avoid disappointment! We look forward to seeing you in class!

Introduction to Paper Repair with Michael Burke

Sat & Sun, 23-24 September 2006 - 10am-5pm, York Minster Library, Course Fee: £100 (£15 materials payable on the day)

Paper repair is an essential skill of the book restorer as many bindings have text pages or plates in need of treatment. In this workshop, Michael will demonstrate effective techniques for treating damaged pages, focusing on cleaning paper, flattening maps, restoring losses from endpapers and mending tears.

We will begin with surface cleaning to remove dirt, and then look at ways of removing or reducing stains. Michael will demonstrate washing in a buffered solution to reduce stains and acidity, blotter washing, float washing and lining with Japanese paper. Also covered will be tape removal, flattening by humidification, tear repair with Japanese and western papers, and guarding sections for resewing.

Taking a conservation approach, the workshop will emphasize good practice such as documentation of work, reversibility of mends, testing media for solubility and stability and the use of appropriate materials.

Participants will take home useful samples of Japanese repair papers, support materials, and a comprehensive course handout and resource list.

Michael Burke studied and researched chemistry at Leeds University. He learned bookbinding with Dominic Riley and paper conservation with Karen Zukor in San Francisco where he lived from 1994-2001. He helped establish the bookbinding programme at the San Francisco Center for the Book, where he teaches each summer. He practises book conservation in the Lake District, teaches bookbinding at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, and works part-time teaching literacy to adults. He chairs the North Wales and North West region of the Society of Bookbinders.

Edge Gilding with Julian Thomas, Sat & Sun, 21-22 October 2006 - 10am-5pm, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Course Fee: £100 (£5 materials payable on the day)

Successful edge gilding requires patience, a thorough understanding of tools and materials, and of course, much practice.

In this workshop Julian will give a thorough introduction to the principles of the technique, beginning with the careful preparation of the cabinet maker's scraper, plough blade, and gilding boards. He will then show the preparation of egg glaire, and the chalking and cutting of the edge in preparation for laying on the gold. Particular attention will be given to the steps involved in setting, burnishing and waxing the finished edge.

Through this step-by-step process of demonstration and repetition, it is hoped that everyone will have the chance to achieve at least one, if not three finished gilded edges over the weekend. If time allows, Julian will demonstrate how to gild a deckled edge in the rough.

Each participant will be required to bring a laying press and plough to the workshop. Gold and other materials will be provided.

Julian Thomas was apprenticed at the National Library of Wales and became Head of Binding and Conservation in 1981 and Manager of the Conservation Treatment Unit in 2004. He is an accredited member of the Institute of Conservation and an Instructor for the Society of Archivists. He was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 1996 and is an active member of the Society of Bookbinders. He has established his own workshop at home where he undertakes book and paper conservation as well as commissioned fine bindings.

Expanding the Fold with Sue Doggett

Sat & Sun, 11-12 November 2006 - 10am-5pm, Kelly Street, London, NW1, Course Fee: £100 (£5 materials payable on the day)

A very easy way to make a book is to fold a zig-zag, but it need not end there. This workshop will consider the concertina fold as an expandable structure. Working through a series of projects designed to suit all levels we will look at folds, cut-outs, attachments, sewn techniques and other methods of creating simple to extravagant folded books. The workshop will include slides and examples to demonstrate how the fold can be used creatively to produce visually exciting artist's books.

On the first day we will concentrate on folds and cut-outs. Structures will include slotted books, panoramas and the opportunity to produce a 3-D narrative, so come along with a simple story idea to work with.

On the second day we will look at more complex structures and books within books which utilise a piano hinge mechanism to reveal a surprise hidden compartment.

Sue Doggett studied bookbinding at Oxford Brookes and Brighton Universities and was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 1996. She completed an MA in Book Arts in 1998 and has taught book arts for over fifteen years, currently on the Fine Art Combined Media course at Croydon College and at the City Lit in London.

A Drop-Back Box with Leather Spine with Stephen Conway, Sat & Sun, 20-21 January 2007 - 10am-5pm, Stephen Conway Bindery, Halifax, Course Fee: £100 (£20 materials payable on the day)

Boxmaking is an essential skill in the bookbinding repertoire, both for housing rare and valuable books as well as suites of prints, drawings or ephemera. The rounded spine quarter-leather box is the ultimate in luxury, and requires accuracy in measuring cutting and covering.

In this workshop Stephen will guide participants through the steps involved in making a traditional quarter-leather drop-back box with felt linings and a rounded spine. Although, because of time constraints, everyone will make the same sized box, Stephen will begin by demonstrating how to measure a book for its box. We will then proceed to construct and cover two trays and the case which will have a rounded wooden spine, raised bands and some decoration. The box will be finished off with a handsome blocked spine label.

Stephen Conway was apprenticed at Edward Mortimer's of Halifax, and opened his own business in 1985, originally in Bradford, but now based back in Halifax. He won the Silver Medal in the Designer Bookbinders competition in 1998 and was elected a Fellow of DB in 2000. His work is held in collections worldwide and he has lectured at many venues including the Art Workers Guild in London, the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and most recently at the Society of Bookbinders Training Seminar in Loughborough on the subject of edition boxmaking.

Limp Vellum Binding with Gene Mahon, Sat & Sun, 17-18 February 2007 - 10am-5pm, Spike Island Printmakers, Bristol, Course Fee: £100 (£15 materials payable on the day)

From the earliest days of printing, the limp vellum binding was favoured as a durable, portable structure - more robust and permanent than the paper cover but lighter and less expensive than full leather binding. The style was revived and refined by the Arts and Crafts movement in England, notably by Cobden-Sanderson for the first Doves Press books. This workshop will lead students through the construction of this classical historical style.

Gene will begin by showing how to line a sheet of Victorian legal vellum to make it suitable for binding. The book block will be sewn on alum-tawed thongs, with stiffened endpapers and alum-tawed endbands. Having sewn the book, everyone will make a template which will then be used to cut out the vellum cover. Careful attention will be paid to the accurate folding and creasing of the vellum, punching holes for lacing-on, and making the special locking corners.

Gene will demonstrate variations on the structure which will give participants more choices for future limp vellum binding projects.

Gene Mahon spent his first career as a designer/art director, creating the typography for the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album and the design of their Apple record label. In the mid 90s he took a degree in conservation of art on paper and a Master's degree in book conservation. He currently teaches bookbinding in an adult education institute in London and is the Secretary of the London and South region of the Society of Bookbinders.

Onlays, Inlays, and Scarf Joints with Peter Jones, Sat & Sun, 17-18 March 2007 - 10am-5pm, Kelly Street, London, NW1, Course Fee: £100 (£5 materials payable on the day)

In this workshop Peter will share his approach to the various techniques used for decorating with leather. Together they give the artistic bookbinder a range of choices for embellishing leather covers, and are essential skills for the production of successful design bindings.

Onlays, inlays and scarf joints give different tactile and visual results to the finished surface of the leather, and necessitate mastering the precise steps involved in planning and execution so that the desired result is achieved. Peter will begin with a discussion of how to choose the appropriate method, both aesthetically and in regard to its position on the book.

Working on prepared plaquettes, students will learn how to prepare the board for decoration, the correct working order needed for each technique, and how to design, cut out and apply the leather accurately in position. Emphasis will be given to the use of the specific tools involved - a paring knife and spokeshave, scalpel and paring machine. Please note that this workshop will be of most benefit to those who are confident paring leather and using edge tools.

Peter Jones studied Economics at Bristol University before moving to London and working in furniture restoration, leather lining of desktops and retail management. In 1985 he moved to Brighton, took up carpentry and joinery, and started learning bookbinding at evening classes. Since 1988 he has been self-employed as a carpenter, bookbinder and teacher of bookbinding. He was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 1995 and President in 2005. He has exhibited internationally and his work is held in numerous public and private collections.


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Further copies of this brochure and workshop booking forms can be downloaded from the SoB and DB websites at www.SocietyofBookbinders.com and www.DesignerBookbinders.org.uk

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