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[BKARTS] Niche Market?

I have been a member of this list on and off for years and have been a "lurker", sitting back and quietly absorbing and enjoying the repartee of the other active members. But, at the same time, I have been printing and sewing and binding and giving my creations as gifts. I might add, the recipients have always been thrilled to have received either a richly illustrated day book or a volume of poetry or some other creation. They are case bound (Quarto) in cloth, paper, and leather and sometimes boxed or slipcased. They are attractive and well made, but not up to Minsky standards by any means. (I am a great admirer of Minsky, and who would not be?)During that time I have developed an "inventory"of custom made volumes including original works (mostly writings about art), wedding books, Shakespeare (Complete works), copyrightless classics (Anne of Green Gables, Two Years Before the Mast, and others), ABCDerias and very special volumes.

This year (I'm now retired) I decided to really make an effort to market these. (I am the sole employee of the MERLIN Press). And after many tries and much effort I am learning that there must be a niche market for works such as these. Local shopkeepers tell me how wonderful they are and how they would like to display and sell them but when I show up with the goods and the promotional materials there minds have changed. When the shop keeper graciously agrees to display them, there are simply no bites. These shops are higher end gift shops and arts and craft stores. I am getting quite used to rejection, but, I know that there must be a market out there somewhere. And I am determined to find it. Therefore, my question to the list is could you give me any general advice regarding how to go about marketing mywork? Thank you for your attention and consideration.

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