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Re: [BKARTS] Niche Market?

These shops are higher end gift shops and arts and craft stores. I am getting quite used to rejection, but, I know that there must be a market out there somewhere. And I am determined to find it. Therefore, my question to the list is could you give me any general advice regarding how to go about marketing mywork? Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Hi Theodore,

I'm sure more experienced ones on the list can help you more than I, but I've been researching the book arts market for the past few months, and have decided that the best place to market the books would probably be museum shops, schools of bookmaking that have gift shops of their own, and booksellers that specialize in rare or handmade books.

I think you could put together a good mailing list by doing a little bit of surfing online. If I ever get to the point where I have something to actually sell (I hope to have a line of small books of my poetry/essays illustrated with woodcuts or linoleum block prints), I'll probably first do a small postcard mail-out and see where that takes me.

Also, there must be fairs, conventions, conferences, etc. that have dealer/vendor rooms where bookmakers sell their wares?

Good luck, let us know if you figure this out <grin>.....

Bobbi C.

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