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Re: [BKARTS] Niche Market?

There are several fine art book and artists' book reps/dealers out there who "sell" your books for you to libraries, special collections, private collections, museums, galleries, etc. We have gone this route with our literary magazine (all hand-bound, etc...) and with other books we have helped bind for artists and printmakers. They all take a commission, just like a gallery would, but are very effective in placing your work, and literally take the guesswork and frustration out of the process. They know the right people and they know the right places to go to show your work, and they also are very helpful in letting you know the "market value" of your work. Not saying that you have to agree with them, but just saying that if you are wondering how you should price things, you could ask them and they are usually willing to help you figure out what would be best.

Here are a couple of names for you:

Vamp and Tramp (Atlanta, GA)
Booklyn (Brooklyn, NY)

Also- the Bookmobile ((Movilibre) is a great place to submit. They don't sell the books, but you can submit, and they take all of their collection on a national road show- great exposure and lots of opportunity.

If it's blank books (journals) - I believe that Open Book in Minneapolis (or perhaps just the center for book arts) also takes jornals and the like for their shop. All of the book arts centers in the country are good resources for asking. Many people who work and volunteer at them are very connected. As are my of the folks on this list, I'm sure, but if you wanted to talk to someone directly, you may want to start there.

Hopefully this helps. I don't have any of the contact info on hand right now, and the shop is crazy crazy this week, but if you can't track down any of theses leads, let me know and I'll try to help more next week.

Good luck!


& the fine folks at
Blue  Barnhouse

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Asheville NC 28806
828 225 3991


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