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[BKARTS] [Reminder] Flag Book Bind-O-Rama Entry Guidelines - Entry Deadline, September 15, 2006

Flag Book Bind-O-Rama Entry Guidelines
Entry Deadline, September 15, 2006

Initiated in 2004, the Bind-O-Rama challenge and online exhibition has
become an annual event. The 2006 Bind-O-Rama will celebrate the Flag Book

The foundation of the deceptively simple Flag Book structure is an
accordion folded spine. Rows of flags attached to opposing sides of each
of the spine's "mountain" folds allow the artist to fragment and layer a
number of complementary or contrasting images and narratives. When read
page by page, the viewer sees disjointed fragments of image and text. When
the spine is pulled fully open, these fragments assemble a panoramic
spread. This transformation is accompanied by a delightful flapping sound.
The spine and covers provide opportunities for additional imagery.

Book artist and conservator Hedi Kyle created the first flag book, April
Diary, in 1979. Susan King's classic 1983 Women and Cars layers
autobiographical narrative, vintage photographs, and literary quotes. The
book functions as a traditional codex, a sculpture and a puzzle. Links to
these and other examples follow below.

The Challenge:
Many flag books do not take full advantage of the structure. The
opportunity for a sophisticated layering of imagery on numerous surfaces
is too often declined up in favor of hastily attaching collected bits of
text or images to a concertina. The structure also provides opportunities
for experimentation with shape and color.

Full entry guidelines can be found online at


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Peter D. Verheyen

         The Bonefolder, Vol 2, No 2, Spring 2006 Now Online at
                    Flag Book Bind-O-Rama and Exhibit
                   Entry Deadline, September 15, 2006
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