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[BKARTS] Hungry, the zine, highly recommended

The concept behind Australian zine Hungry is pretty simple. Born out of a
cold Melbourne night and a few drinks, the creative team behind the
low-budget publication decided that each issue will have a different theme.
The illustrators interpret this theme as they wish. But the main focus of
the zine is to have fun without the confines of a tight brief. It’s a
creative and vibrant publication and so very well made. These artists know
how to make use of the website, as well as the pages of this limited edition
(250) zine. The theme of #1 (April 2006) is Elements. There is a sewn
bidning, great drawings, black and white and color and lots of tongue in
cheek. A button holds the string that winds around the zine. $6.00
Australian dollars. See their website to order.

The second issue of the highly creative illustration-based Australian zine,
Hungry, is out now and it looks hot. Assembled and hand-drawn by its six
Melbourne-based creators, this issue ‘rambles through the wilderness of
their memories and revisits unforgettable songs, people, stories and events
from their lives.’ There is a button "I’m hungry" on the cover to wear or
leave where it is. The theme of "Memory" gravitates throughout the much
expanded issue. There is even a Memory Game. Vellum cover and sewn binding
again. There is more energy and refinement per page than most zines you have
ever seen! You can buy a copy through the Hungry website for AUD$6. If you
collect zines in your collection, this is for you!

Judith A. Hoffberg
Umbrella Online

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