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Re: [BKARTS] selling e-books on-line

Does anyone have any particular experience with selling e-books on-line. I am looking for an easy, reasonably priced way to accept small payments without it turning into a headache? I am not entertaining big business ideas - just have some really nice books now out of print that I want to make available. Someone has suggested Clickbank..I would be grateful to hear of any stories..

Hi Jessica,

My novel is available as an e-book right now through Booklocker.com. You might want to check out their site. If you own the rights to the books, and if they are on a subject that would be popular to the general population, it might be worth it to you to go with a service like that.

I hope to be able to do some more books eventually, and if I were going to do them myself, I'd just use my PayPal account, put the books into PDF format (NOT PC only format!) and send them by hand as orders come in. I think that's the easiest.

Bobbi C.

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