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[BKARTS] Book press and function

I recently acquired a cast iron book press. I have several presses but haven't seen one quite like this one and so I ask the list. The wheel on the press is under the cross arms rather than on top. Also, on top of the arms at the top there are two yokes on each side. They stick up about 5 inches with a slot that is about 2 inches deep. There is also a small hole for a screw or bolt on each of the arms. I hope the description is vivid enough to ask what kind of press is this and its use. The second question is how to repair the cast iron press. When it was delivered it was apparently dropped and the bottom of the press was broken. I'm waiting for the insurance to come through. One side is broken off as a piece about 5 inches by 6 inches and the length of the press. It is about 17 inches across the base so I have a broken piece that is 5 inches by 6 inches by 17 inches. I realize welding cast iron is almost impossible but are there other methods or do I sell for scrap?


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