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[BKARTS] BrokeBook press and function

Good morning Tom! A number of copy press models had, mounted between yokes attached to the crossbar, a second crossbar which carried a lever and sort of toggle catch. The press would be screwed down and then pulling the lever applied added pressure to the screw and locked the platen down. Sounds as if yours is such but missing the lever; they turn up on occasion on eBay. Also if you've Tini Miuri's BIBLIOPHILE BINDINGS there is, in one of the photos of her studio, the sort of press I'm describing.
And yes cast iron can be welded. In the case of your press of course you'll need to stress the importance of absolutely accurate alignment to the workman. I'm nervous just thinking about that part.
But have you thought of a metal epoxy? Do it yourself. The world is full of specialized adhesives beginning with the ever dependable JB Weld and Loctite's; should work really nicely on a fresh uncontaminated break. You will need to cut some wood blocks with angled sides to square off the edges of the base and thus allow you to get some pipe clamps across.
Do you know the McMaster-Carr website? http://www.mcmaster.com/ Check 'em out using "metal epoxy" in their search engine and you'll have lots of choices. Best, James

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