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[BKARTS] "Design Bindings..."

 Dear Gavin,
Hope that you will repost this event announcement in early September as a 
Cheers, Alice


Date:    Sat, 5 Aug 2006 16:42:36 -0700 
From:    gavin dovey <miniwyvern@xxxxxxxxx> 
Subject: designer binders 

Dear list members, 
On the 16th of September, a panel discussion on "Design Bindings: What are 
they and where can I get one" will be hosted by the Grolier Club of NYC, 
surrounding an exhibition of Neil Albert's collection of miniature bindings. 
The panel speakers include David Sellers( ex-president of Design Binders of the 
U.K.) and Timothy Ely among others (whose names escape me right now).  One 
of the speakers, David Sellers will be traveling from Helifax, in the North of 
England, and would be grateful for any alternatives to the high priced NYC 
I realise this is a shot in the dark, and not everyone has a free apt to spare in 
NYC, but I would be grateful if any like minded and enthusiastic individuals 
could give me any help with this what so ever. 
Thanks for your consideration. 
Gavin Dovey 
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