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Re: [BKARTS] Overly Soft Calfskin

-- "LA. Book Arts" <typenut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

what you work with right now is the calf used in bookbinding.
That is exactly the bahavior proper calf shows, you want to skive but  
finish with a glas shard.
it takes some experience and skill to execute a proper calf binding.
Hi, Charles.
Thanks for the comments. Perhaps I should clarify what I wanted to know. I am experienced in working with full leather bindings and have used many Pearce skins over the years because their working qualities and colors were great for "divinity brown" types of traditional English bindings. I do a lot of restorations and period bindings; most commonly 17th-19th century styles. 
I liked the Pearce leather because it pared and tooled well, and because it blended well with other old bindings. The surface was also somewhat stiffer. The "continental" and "german" bookcalf is much different than the leather found on these old English bindings. Though it tools well and pares easily, it also has a very soft surface. I'm sure some like it for design bindings, but without slipcase or chemise, it seems to me to be the wrong leather for doing period restoration work as it does not hold up to normal use without showing all trauma. 
Any recommendations for a harder calf?


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