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[BKARTS] FOR SALE: Book arts magazines, books, newsletters

I am disposing of most of my library and the long list below represents only
the beginning.  All of the items are from a non-smoking home and are in
like-new or nearly like-new condition unless otherwise noted.  Prices do not
include shipping which will be charged as an estimate of the actual charges
by media mail, parcel post or priority mail as you choose.  Insurance is
optional and will not be included unless requested.  Please email me with
any questions.

<mailto:fenneyml@xxxxxxxxxx> .   FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.


Margie Fenney


Tabellae Ansatae / Bound & Lettered
Available from Publisher:  $7.50 each
                  Premiere issues, Vol. 2 #1,  Vol. 2 #2, Vol. 2 #3,  Vol. 3
#1,  Vol. 3 #3, Vol. 3 #4, Vol. 4 #3, Vol. 4 #4, Vol. 5 #1
No Longer Available from Publisher:  $10 each
                  Vol. 2 #4, Vol. 3 #2

Dogeared Magazine
Year One Compilation (Issues 1-4, Photocopy Books, Folds, Altered Books,
Metal)   Price $25
Available from Publisher:  $8 each
                  #5 Zines, #11 Editions, #13 Marketing Art Books, #15 Big
Books, #16 Tools
No Longer Available from Publisher:  $12 each
                  #6 Miniature Books

Ampersand: The Quarterly Journal of the Book Arts  from Pacific Center for
The Book Arts     Price: $12 each
Vol. 21 #2
Vol. 21 #3
Vol. 22 #3
Vol. 23 #2 & 3
Vol. 23 # 4

Altered Words from ISABA     $10 each
Winter 04 UnCOVERed
Winter 05 Journals

Out of Bounds: How To Alter A Book II by Elizabeth Badurina       $10

The Book Artist zine  Issue # 3  Aug 04   Metal & Transfers $10

Biblio Magazine     $5 each
                  Jan 97 Vol 2 # 1
                  May 97 Vol 2 # 5
                  Oct 97  Vol 2 # 10

Guild Of Book Workers Journal   Volume XXXIV # 1             Price:  $15
?The Letters of Anthony Gardner to Colin Franklin?, ?Approaching
Contemporary Edition Binding?, ?Using Jigs For Multiple Bindings?,
?Millimeter Binding?, ?Rx For Sick Books From The New York Academy of
Medicine?, ?Edge Sprinkling?


The Beinecke Library of Yale University by Stephen Parks  (Hardcover - Nov
Price:  $25

The Medieval Book: Illustrated from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript
Library by Barbra A. Shailor
Price:  $20

Pages: Innovative Book Making Techniques (Paperback)  by Linda Fry Kenzle
Price:  $4

Pictorial Bookbindings (Paperback)  by Mirjam Foot
Price:  $9

Bookbindings (Paperback)  by Victoria and Albert Museum
Price:  $7

Headbands : How to Work Them (Paperback) by Jane Greenfield
Price:  $20

Notable Bookbindings
Price:  $35

200 Books (Hardcover)  by Keith A. Smith
Price:  $30

Copied, Bound & Numbered (Spiral-bound)  by Cherryl Moote (Author)
Price:  $22

Sleight of Binding (Spiral-bound)  by Cherryl Moote (Author)
Price:  $22

A Small Book Of Practical Sewings by Richard Horton
Price:  $25

Gold & Colour Tooling, Dryad Leaflet #105  By John Mason
Price:  $15

Playing with Type or Your Personal Type Specimen Book + Galahad: A Personal
Type Specimen Book by Shereen LaPlantz  (Handmade Dos-A-Dos book)
Price $75

Woven & Interlocking Book Structures  by Claire Van Vliet and Elizabeth
ooks_--_Bookbinding3.html?L+scstore+rtkv4937ff07f807+1159606222  (last book
on page)
Price:  $30

Books with Girth  by Cherryl Moote
Price: $40

Design Originals Book Arts: Beautiful Bindings for Handmade Books
(Paperback) by Mary Kaye Seckler
Price:  $14

Design Originals Book Basics and Beyond (Paperback)  by Lisa Vollrath
Price:  $14

The Book Book: Bringing Book Arts to Scrapbookin (Paperback)  by Erin
Trimble (Author)
Price:  $8

The Story of Chinese Books (Paperback)  by Kuo-Chhun Liu
Price:  $6
Somewhat worn and discolored paperback cover

Bookbinding Made Easy by Lee M. Klinefelter (Hardcover - 1941)
Price:  $5
Ex-library book, worn cover, markings inside covers, one page torn but
complete, all text pages clear and clean.

Introduction to Bookbinding (Hardcover)  by Lionel S. Darley
Price:  $10
Ex-library book, cover worn on edges and corners, stamping and marking
inside covers, text pages clear and clean.

Bookbinding basics (Paperback)  by Lionel S Darley
Price:  $5
Used paperback book in like-new condition except for some browning of pages,
slight crumpling of back cover.

****** CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild ) NEWSLETTERS
******    Price:  $9 each
Vol. 3 # 2 Includes
Pictures that Last: Archival g Processing Techniques for Black and White
'The Simple Press. Jean-Luc Cote outlines the procedure for making a Horton
press with diagonal brass edges for rounding and backing text blocks and
with offset metal-edges.
'A Homemadeater.' S. R. Toller describes the construction of a heater for
finishing tools made from an old electric frying pan. The simple, but
elegant design, has a built-in thermostat.

Vol. 7 # 4 Includes
'Confessions of a Marbling Addict.'
'Work in Progress 4 - Labels.'  Daphne Lera outlines methods for preparing
leather labels for a spine: tooling in place and gold tooling prior to
'Linda Sutherland's Exhibition Stands.Margaret Lock describes and
illustrates the talk given by Linda Sutherland on exhibition textblock
'Bookish Travels: of Libraries and Librarians.
'Alternative Book Structures II - a report on Hedi Kyle's May 28-29 CBBAG
Workshop in Toronto.'

Vol. 9 # 1 Includes
'Dancing Inks -Eileen Cannings'  Susan Corrigan reports on a three-day
advanced marbling workshop.
'Corners: Their Types and Applications.'  Nick Doslov diagrams eight types
of corners with a set of drawings for their construction.

' French Onlay Technique and Gilding.'
'Rebacking of Leather Bindings.' Barbara Rosenberg reports on James
Brockman's leather rebacking technique incorporating linen spine linings
embedded in split boards. The report is precise and sufficient to complete
this type of repair.
'Vellum Binding Over A Split Board Construction: a report on a workshop with
James Brockman.'    James Brockman forwards with vellum over split boards in
a workshop reported by Barbara Rosenberg. Barbara's explanations are clear
and precise with lots of caveats for potential problems. The descriptions
will allow you to complete the project.
'German Bookbinding Techniques - GBW Standards Seminars.' Shelagh Smith
reports on a workshop by Frank Mowery on the German technique for forwarding
in full leather. The report is quite detailed with diagrams and sufficient
information to make this kind of case.
'Edge-to-Edge Doublures - GBW Standards Seminar.' Shelagh Smith leads the
reader through a demo given by Monique Lallier on leather and suede
doublures, with sufficient detail to make the doublures.

Vol. 10 # 1 Includes
'A Structure for Storing Loose Newsletters.' Pam Barrios produces a
structure which holds newsletters and magazines upright. The open-ended file
box can be made easily out of a single sheet of 20-point folder stock based
on the pattern in the article.
'Conservation at the National Archives of Canada: First of two parts.'
'Letter to the Editor - concerning PVA and glue pots.'  Dr. Roberts leads us
through his choices for PVA finding several that meet his needs and a
Canadian supplier - Syndey Stone. He also describes glue pot modifications
he has made for PVA use.
'Covering Hard Board Vellum: Notes from Sonnfriede Scholl's Demonstration.'
Shelagh Smith describes, with diagrams, a vellum case with a bonnet, bradel
attachment, hard board vellum covers, yapp and strap.

Vol. 11 # 1 Includes
'Adhesives - from the book of the same title.'  An extract from Adhesives by
Felix Braude catagorizes the various types of glues.
'The Great Glue/Paste Controversy Continued.' James Brockman experiments
with wheat paste and edible gelatine for covering in. He finds the gelatine
far superior on spines and reversible without damage.
'Imposed Stricture.'  Philip Smith answers Tom Conroy's charges (V. 11 #1)
about his visible binding structures and explores some of the concepts about
book hinging. An interesting and balanced response.

Vol. 13 # 1 Includes
'The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle and Its Restoration 500 Years Later.'
'Long and Link Stitch Bindings with Pamela Spitzmueller.' Susan Corrigan
outlines the steps in producing non-adhesive bindings using long stitch and
link stitch methods with several variations of each.
'Digital Tools of Type Design.'  Nicholas Fabian describes basic
font-producing soft-ware packages, two for commercial printers and two for
the personal computer. He describes the origins, uses and features of each
font-producing system.

Vol. 13 # 2 Includes
'Mull.'  Arthur Johnson explores the role of mull, jaconette, archival
cloth, fine linen and book cloth in providing strengthening material for
hinging. There is a brief history of the hinging of early books.
'Merchant Navy Book of Remembrance: A Method for Binding Vellum Leaves.'
Michael Wilcox created a structure to manage vellum text sheets in
exhibition. A semicircular wooden spine piece and other structural
modifications allow the book to open flat with the two facing pages open at
equal height regardless of their location in the book. The article is
accompanied by many excellent diagrams of the details of the binding.

Vol. 13 # 3 Includes
'Carol Barton's Tunnel and Carousel Books: a workshop report.' Susan
Corrigan reports on the making of tunnel and carousel books. There is
sufficent information and diagrams to make the structure.
'Three Endpapers for General Use.'  Arthur Johnson discusses three different
endpaper designs: common made endpapers, hidden-jointed endpapers and
exposed-jointed endpapers. He outlines how each is used and discusses their
relative merits, emphasizing D.Cockerell's zig-zag endpaper.

'Large Photo Album.'  Dr. Roberts suggest an album structure developed for
large albums without visible heavy guards to strengthen the leaves. Diagrams
lead through the process.
'The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst.' Franklyn Smith's
brief review states that the book is a 'virtual encyclopedia of typographic
lore' that no one interested in typography should do without.

Vol. 13 # 4 Includes
'Putting Down Endpapers.'       Arthur Johnson outlines the methods for
installing endpapers in case bindings, tight backs with sunken and raised
cords, library bindings and the French groove. He discusses types of
adhesives and the sequence of steps, installing, pressing, and trimming them
to the book.

Vol. 14 # 1 Includes
'Leather Jointed Endpapers and Doublures.' CBBAG Newsletter 14(1): 8-11
Arthur Johnson describes methods for attaching doublures and leather jointed
endpapers to a book. He provides a step-by step account for trimming and
paring leather hinges, and putting down sewn and unsewn leather joints.
'Screws and Presses.' Dr. Roberts describes how he constructed a nipping
press and a lying press economically. Instructions are sufficient for
do-it-yourself woodworkers.

Vol. 15 # 1 Includes
'Leather.'  Arthur Johnson describes many aspects and features of leather
binding: types of leather, the tanning process, quality of skins, colouring
leather, paring and polishing leather books, storage of skins and some
simple embell-ishments to the final product.
'The History of Bookbinding in Quebec.'  Review of the history of
bookbinding in Quebec.
'Marbling: Fad or Passion: a talk for a CBBAG Conference.'   Shelagh Smith
offers insight into the history and future of marbling. She describes types
of marbling, Japanese (Suminagashi), Swedish (oil marbling), acrylic
marbling and Turkish (ebru) which uses watercolour. She sur-veyed existing
marblers as to their type of work and income from the craft.
'Cranberry Corner - first in a series about papermaking: raw materials and
preparation.'  Ted Snider introduces a series on papermaking. The first step
is the reduction of the raw material to the fibres to be used. This is done
chemically and mechanically.

Vol. 17 # 2 Includes
'Workshop Gadgets and other Innovations.'  Arthur Johnson describes some
inexpensive gadgets he has seen or made to assist in binding. The list
includes bone folders for corner work, a trimming-out knife from a hacksaw
blade, flexible files, band nippers, measuring gauges, a board edge trimmer,
an inexpensive finishing stove and a gilding frame.
'Onward and downward: how binders coped with the printing press before 1800
(part two).'  Pickwoad continues his presentation of the long history of
binders' simplifying and economizing on their work to increase production
and reduce the time taken to complete their projects.
'Sharpening Leather Knives.' Dr. Roberts outlines a method of sharpening
skiving knives (leather paring knives). He uses products from Lee Valley
Tools to maintain a constant angle for sharpening and for honing his knives
to a mirror finish.
'Cranberry Corner - eleventh in a series: Physical and Optical Properties of
Paper and Their Interrelationships.'        This final article on the
physical properties of paper defines physical properties and
characteristics: weight, caliper, density, bulk, tensile strength, tear
strength, stiffness, roughness, smoothness, brightness, printing opacity and

Vol. 18 # 3 Includes
'A New Bookbinding Technique ' A tongue-in-cheek response to the stiffness
of machine-made perfect bindings in paperbacks.
'Suminagashi.' A how-to guide to Suminagashi, a Japanese marbling technique
using water and Japanese ink sticks
'Preparation of a Book for Binding.'    A general overview is given by
Arthur Johnson of the procedures for the repair of a damaged text block to
bring it to the point of reattaching the boards. He describes the project
from the discussion with the owner of the volume to the final pressing
before forwarding.
'In Memoriam - Robert MacGregor Dawson.'   Biography of Robert MacGregor

Vol. 23 # 3 Includes
?A French Publishers Paperback, 1869?, ?Workshop Review: Printing From Wood?

Vol. 23 # 4 Includes
?Girdle Books?, ?Altered Books?, ?Marbling With An Expert?, ?On Exhibit: A
Book Arts Mosaic?

Vol. 24 # 1 Includes
?An English Bible, About 1865?, ?Bench Notes?, ?Metal Thread ? Its
Construction And Use As A Covering Material?

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