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All that AND you are an Interior Designer! Bravo.


<From:    Meliva Koch <mkoch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Book Designer


I am looking for a professional book designer that does 
interior design. 

This is for a project which includes 10 to 30 science fiction 
novels to be published in both trade hardcover and 
paperback science fiction novels. 

If anyone has any recommendations or interest, please
contact me. 

Thank you

Meliva Koch
Author Services, Inc. 
From:    Steven Kennedy <skennedy@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Book Designer

I work at Simon & Schuster and teach typography at Parsons School of  
I would be very interested in designing this Series (?).
I have been involved with book production and design for over 35 years.
Besides numerous other SF volumesI have worked on Buffy, the Vampire  
Slayer series since it's inception (there are over 300 different  
volumes). I have designed many of the compendiums and special issues.

I have designed over 800 book interiors.
Notably Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, The American Heritage  
Dictionary, Tim Burton's Oyster Boy which still sells 20,00 copies  
every year.
Please advise.
Steve Kennedy
Interrobang Design Studio
470 West 23 Street  401
New York, NY 10011

212 463-0195
917 576-9452 (cell phone)>>
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