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[BKARTS] Scharf-Fix 80 for sale

I have a Scharf-Fix 80 for sale. $125 plus shipping from the
Los Angeles area.

It's in fine working condition.
Also included: original box with foam insert
                   3 alternate rollers in the plastic box
                   10 scarfix blades
                   handled allen wrench tool
i.e. all that was original except the sheet of paper describing
the Scharf-Fix.

The difference between the Scharf-Fix 80 and the current model available
for $325-$375, the Scharfix-Fix 2000, is the method of adjusting the
angle of the blade.  The 80 has a wing nut that's loosened, the angle
adjusted, and the wing nut tightened.  The 2000 has a wheel that turns.
The thickness adjustment wheel is the same on both.


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