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[BKARTS] The Guild of Book Workers' 100th anniversary exhibition now online - Catalog available

May I post this in toto to the bibliophile bullpen?

j. godsey


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> Subject: [BKARTS] The Guild of Book Workers' 100th 
> anniversary exhibition now online - Catalog available
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> AVAILABLE ONLINE <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byorg/gbw/>
> This exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Guild 
> of Book Workers and closes the most active quarter century in 
> the history of the Guild. National traveling exhibitions 
> became a regular occurrence every two to three years. In many 
> respects 1981's seventy-fifth anniversary provided a 
> benchmark for the Guild by highlighting the work of its early 
> members and the state of the craft. Subsequent exhibitions 
> featured increasing numbers of new binders and book artists, 
> the growth being fueled in part by the explosion of book arts 
> centers throughout the USA, and most recently the flood of 
> resources available online which exposed even more to the art 
> and craft. The Guild's Standards of Excellence annual 
> seminar, begun in 1982, played a crucial role in elevating 
> the awareness of the importance of fine craft and techniques 
> in all aspects of the book arts through its demonstration by 
> recognized "masters" in their field. Initially divided into 
> seemingly rigid camps of traditional binders and book 
> artists, the past twenty-five years have seen a melding of 
> the two sides with fine binders delving into the world of 
> artist's books and book artists applying traditional 
> techniques and materials to their work, enriching the arts of 
> the book.
> Curating and jurying an exhibition of this kind is always 
> challenging. For the retrospective, curated largely by Peter 
> Verheyen, that meant finding representative works by a 
> selection of the leading proponents of the craft, and 
> providing a link to the present. We are especially proud to 
> be able to include among the fifty-nine works two of the most 
> significant works for the book arts, Richard Minsky's Birds 
> of North America and Hedi Kyle's April Diary, both works 
> which have had global impact on the book arts, setting the 
> field off on a course the early members of the Guild would 
> not have imagined. In the past the expression of craft, i.e. 
> how well was the book bound, was seen as the primary focus of 
> the juror's work. Great strides have been made in craft 
> across the board and it is no longer the domain of the 
> traditional binders. This means that the jurors can shift 
> some of their focus to also judging how a work comes across 
> in a holistic sense­how do the various elements work 
> together; does the design relate to the text; what is the 
> relationship between structure and text­the end result being 
> stronger works. The jurors for this exhibition were Karen 
> Hanmer, Richard Minsky, and Don Rash, representing the broad 
> spectrum of "book arts" in their own work. In the end, 120 
> artists submitted 171 works, and it was their unenviable task 
> to select the sixty strongest works judging the level of 
> craft, but also how the work came across holistically, 
> representing all sides of the book arts. While past 
> exhibition trends seemed to forecast a decline in the number 
> of traditional bindings vis-à-vis artist's books, this 
> exhibition saw a very even representation, also including 
> strong examples of calligraphy, decorated papers, and 
> presswork. This exhibition truly captures the essence of the 
> book arts within the Guild and provides a benchmark for the future.
> The fully illustrated catalog brings together both the 
> retrospective and contemporary halves of the Guild's 100th 
> anniversary exhibition. 
> This is especially important as the two halves will only be 
> on display together at the Grolier Club in New York City 
> (September 20 - November 25), with only the exhibition of 
> contemporary work traveling throughout the country until the 
> end of 2007. You can, however, experience both exhibitions in 
> the catalog which the Guild is pleased to offer at $32 (incl. 
> s/h). Catalogs will ship in late September.
> The complete catalog, with ordering information, is now 
> available online at the Guild's website - 
> <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byorg/gbw/>.
> Catalog Specifications
> Binding ­ Soft cover
> Size ­ 8.5 x 11" Vertical
> Pages ­ 112
> Illustrations - The catalog depicts all 58 bindings in the 
> retrospective exhibition and all 62 bindings in the juried 
> exhibition of contemporary works. All illustrations are in 
> color. The catalog includes introductions by Peter Verheyen, 
> GBW Exhibitions Chair; Betsy Palmer Eldridge, GBW President; 
> juror's statements; complete binding descriptions; 
> biographical statements.
> Design ­ The catalog was designed by Julie Leonard and Sara 
> Sauers of Iowa City, IA, who last designed the catalog for 
> the William Anthony, Fine Binder exhibition held at the 
> University of Iowa.
> For more information about the exhibit and ordering catalogs, 
> contact the Exhibitions Chair, at 
> <exhibitions@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Enjoy,
> Peter Verheyen
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Peter D. Verheyen
> Exhibitions Chair
> The Guild of Book Workers
> <exhibitions@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byorg/gbw/exhibit.shtml>
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Guild of Book Workers' 100th Anniversary Exhibition Now Online - Catalog Available
                    Flag Book Bind-O-Rama and Exhibit
                   Entry Deadline, September 15, 2006
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