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[BKARTS] Itchy hand syndrome and old childrens books


I've received a call from a customer who mentions that each time they start
opening books her husband had as a child, their hands start to itch.  I
haven't seen the books, she says they are in good shape but have the itchy
hand problem.

Can mould be causing this issue?  What other questions should I pose to her?
I plan on wearing gloves when handling the books that's for sure.

My first reaction is to refer her to a conservationist.  In no way do I want
to get close to providing the kind of services I think she is needing.  I'll
gladly defer to the conservation professionals as I do with other books that
are obviously in need of advanced specialized care.

How should she box them up to send off?

First I'd like to understand what the process will be to fix her problem so
I can explain to her what she is facing.

Thank you in advance for your postings on the possible causes of the case of
itchy hand syndrome.

Connie Peabody

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