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Re: [BKARTS] ownership marking of books

From rare book news :

Check the bit about the digitizing for identification.
A little technology isn't always a bad thing.

Back on the Map
Date: 2006-08-18
William Reese, the highly esteemed book dealer and Yale graduate has generously pledged to give the sum of $100,000 to assist the
rebuilding of Yale University's rare map collection.

The collection was of course decimated last year when the now disgraced counterfeit map dealer E. Forbes Smiley III admitted to
stealing dozens of priceless maps and selling them.

In the wake of such a donation, Yale announced on Wednesday that it would equal the sum that Reese has offered with its own
fundraising project next month. The money will most likely go towards the digitizing of some of Yale's 220,000 maps, 15,000 of which
date to before 1850.

The maps are currently being kept in a chaotic maze of rooms at the top of the University's Sterling Memorial Library. This process
should prevent further careless map stealing mayhem from taking place.

If the maps do go digital then Yale will have an electronic record of each of its rarest specimens. Therefore in the event of theft,
Yale has a picture to compare colouring, creasing and significant markings to prove ownership, should the maps re-appear on the

When people take advantage of access to rare and valuable treasures the temptation is to restrict the public's right to use them.
This donation will enable Yale to electronically display their marvellous collection of maps without the fear of theft.


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