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[BKARTS] Questions re attaching & stamping foil

My husband has a copy of Blank on the Map by Eric Shipton with a card signed
by Shipton laid in. He'd like to attach the card to the prelims in a way
that both sides of the card (business card of another noted climber, who
obtained the signature for him) can be viewed. Some kind of hinge would
work, but using what material, what adhesive, and attached to what part? Or
would it be better to put the card into an archival clear sleeve and attach
that? (Who knows what the composition of the card might be.)
Conservator-minded replies appreciated.

ALSO: I noticed some questions about locating a foil stamping firm. I'd like
to locate some USED stamping foils. I suspect that the type I'm look for is
a lower-grade product. I have a small sample of foil that transfers very
easily with a tacking iron. I have a roll of apparently  higher-quality foil
(I suspect it's Talas, but it was given to me with no identification
attached) that requires a great deal more heat and pressure. I assume that
the first piece was used for churning out HS yearbooks or similar, since it
is about 8 inches wide and has a year date defoiled throughout. I really
want discards (any color) for which I will pay a small amount plus shipping
costs. Anyone know where I can scrounge such material?

Thanks, Lee

Lee Kirk
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