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Re: [BKARTS] RFID tags (was ownership markings on books)

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> This strips are usually threaded into the spines of books and
> are easily removed, since they are quite visable and easily
> identified by would be book theives.

Sometimes also they are just placed in the gutter somewhere in the book and
"knocked" into place.

I worked in a bookstore that used the 3M strips - once in a while we found
book covers whose innards had been pulled out and stolen in an effort to
evade the alarm. Why, one always wonders?

This system was a bit expensive and time-consuming, so we used the strips
only randomly. A lot of thieves took their chances, or tried using
foil-lined receptacles. (Baby strollers with diaper bags or carry pouches
were a favorite, also wheel chairs.)

None of this answers to the more ephemeral losses from libraries,
though.....maps (see what is has happened at Yale)
and original plates. It is sad at our own university library to see folio
and quarto volumes thick at the spine and thin at the fore edge, with all of
their lovely maps, engravings, chromolithographs, or woodblock prints
stripped out. Should all such books be kept under lock and key? Should all
such maps and illustrations be irrevocably marked (punched, embossed,
stamped)? Should all such thieves be hanged by their thumbs until they drop

It's not just slimy little predators doing these deeds. Every year some
prestigious map or print dealer is exposed as being the culprit, either
directly or as a receiver of these "goods."

Ideally there would be an inexpensive way to identify and/or create an alarm
that was invisible and archival for each and every print, map, etc. in rare
books . And let's not even think about collections of ephemera, photographs,
and so forth (although those are usually more protected).

Our City library is using RFID but I have no idea if it enhances security.
It does automate some functions, but as I recall it was quite a while before
they got check-in and sorting running smoothly.


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