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Re: [BKARTS] NCR paper

Analysis of the paper showed that it contained enough DETA to induce allergic contact dermatitis. People who handle NCR paper and develop symptoms of contact dermatitis should be patch tested with DETA.

I've been skimming the list since this thread started. I should have jumped in earlier.

I worked in a printshop for six years, and had a lot of contact with the NCR paper. We would print on it, do the padding, cutting, collating, etc. to make carbonless forms. We had the individual paper layers sitting out all over the place. The place reeked constantly of the chemicals.

It was during that job that I started getting chemically sensitive. Now I can't even be in the room with carbonless forms! If I get a cash register receipt, I can't handle it, or keep it in my files.

No matter what the experts say, that stuff is dangerous. Many of my former co-workers came down with mysterious illnesses over the course of four years or so. Now I'm permanently chemically sensitive, and have to be very careful about exposures to lots of different things.

If you have to handle the stuff, please use gloves. I'm serious. Wash your hands. And don't lick your fingers to collate the stuff, like we did. Eeek.

Bobbi C.

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