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Re: [BKARTS] bindery pests / insects

Thank-you Dave Allen, Lee, Cris Clair Takacs, Mary Baughman via Olivia  
Primanis, Kathy G, and Charlene Matthews for your advise. And you too,  Jim. 
The wave of spiders comes from an annual hatching that can not survive en  
masse from a lack of food. For now a few crickets serve as sustenance. 
But the bomb be damned. 
Horse chestnuts will soon be falling from a neighbor's tree and my friend  
James Fraser makes a yearly survey of the Osage Orange trees in Morris County,  
New Jersey. (he loves their beauty and worries that their apparent uselessness 
 to man may cause their local extermination.) And he too, a great bookman, 
will  be glad to know this purpose and possible saving grace. So these plus  
eucalyptus oil in cleaning fluids as well as boric acid behind the book shelves  
will hopefully reduce the population.
I'll report on the effects of this friendly cure later.

Leonard  Seastone
The Tideline Press
68 Brook Street
West Sayville, New  York

631  589-5706

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