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[BKARTS] OT Children's Book Festival in Korea

This is just a brief piece from KBBY Korea's branch of IBBY (International
Board on Books for Young People) which I thought might interest some of you.

If anyone would like the full report and photos, please email me and I'll
forward it.

They really did some wonderful things with discarded books. Merle

Visitors enjoyed reading very freely both in the beautiful natural
surroundings and inside indoor pavilions built out of recycled wood.

The culture of recycling is the one of main characteristics of NAMBOOK. This
concept of recycling has been incorporated from the beginning into the
planning of our book festival. Therefore, we built the pavilions using
recycled materials. For this year's festival, we tried to make visitors
familiar with recycling through an Exhibition of Recycling Art or Recycled
Paper Art Workshops in addition to finding new creative projects by

Moreover, through our 'Making Natural Paper Workshops', we created our own
paper out of the materials to be found on Nami Island, such as grasses,
weeds, reeds, leaves, bark and so on. We hope to make our own books made out
of these natural papers.

We tried also to put into practice our ideas through creative events, such
as sculptures, a book road and other objects made out of discarded books.

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