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Re: [BKARTS] Binder Board

I thought I could step in here and shed some additional light on this


Davey Red Label Binders Board is a single ply board made to full thickness
in one operation, and is the standard for bookbinders in this country.  This
board is advantageous for bookbinding since it will not delaminate such as
other multiple ply boards will.  It also has greater density than other
matting and chip boards on the market, allowing for greater workability,
stronger corners, etc.  If you are not sure if the board you are using is a
single ply look at the cross section, and if it looks like a sheet of
plywood its made from multiple layers (ply's) laminated together.


In the past Davey board was made in other densities greater than the Red
Label, such as the Gold and Glue label, but these have been discontinued
many years ago.  The same Red Label Board is also available in an acid free
version which we carry as well.  However the term acid free here must be
interpreted carefully, and shows how easily the term gets thrown around
these days.  


The standard Red Label Board is a board made from 100% recycled fibers,
typically of which 90% or more is post consumer waste.  This means that the
mill has little or no control of what types of fibers the boards are made
out of, as they are simply purchasing paper that we throw into our recycling
bins on the open market.  Most commonly this is newsprint and kraft paper,
which are papers of low quality, and may contain rubber band particles,
paper clips, and all other common office waste that mistakenly gets into
recycling bins.  Also if you were to chemically test the board you will find
that it is of fairly high lignin content, and for those who may not know
this is a fiber from trees that breaks down rather quickly and causes
newsprint to turn that characteristically yellow and brittle.  


The Acid Free Davey Board uses exactly the same paper pulp as the Red Label
Board, but simply has a buffering agent added to raise the pH level of the
pulp.  This will help prevent certain preliminary aging, but due to the
overall poor quality of the base fibers that the board is made from, it is
only slightly better in terms of long term stability. 


It is for this reason that we received many requests for a single ply binder
board made from virgin paper pulp (not recycled,) as there is simply no mill
making this in a single ply or even multi ply thickness in this country.
After much research and we found what we felt was the best product being
made today, and it is the Eterno Board.  This is a blue colored board made
in Switzerland, from virgin 100% alpha cellulose, chlorine free fibers free
of optical brighteners, and buffered to a pH of 8.  It has a density much
greater than that of the Davey Board, does not contain bits of metal and
rubber bands, and is simply a pleasure for one to work with.  Yes it is
expensive, and it may not be for everyone or for every project, but it is
the finest binder's board available in our opinion.


The Davey Red Label, Davey Acid Free, and the Eterno board can all be found
on our web site at http://talasonline.com <http://talasonline.com/> . 



Aaron Salik



20 West 20th Street

New York, NY 10011

212-219-0770 Phone

212-219-0735 fax

http://talasonline.com <http://talasonline.com/> 




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