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[BKARTS] web page as artists' book

Web Page as Artists’ Book 
Take a look, please, at our new _www.threehalfpress.com_ 
(http://www.threehalfpress.com/)  web page. In addition to the expected function of  conveying 
information, we hope it is an artistic experience, over all a sort of  
mega-artists’ book. Go to the Gallery to look, scrolling down to find the  artists’ 
books. Go to Archives to browse like a library and print what you want.  Contact 
Us functions as a bookstore. The Guest Artist and Featured Artists pages  
invite you to view additional works by other artists. We think the computer  
screen is a wonderfully intimate stage for poems, and the transmitted light  shows 
photographs exquisitely. The visual images make the poems more accessible  and 
the verbal images render the photographs more meaningful. 
What do you think?  
Marnie Reed  Crowell

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