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Re: [BKARTS] book binding or book cloth tape

Kathy, and Selene,
Not mention that repair methods should always be reversible. That sticky tape is horrible to remove to do a real repair to a book.
You will also notice that Talas tape is unglued.

Kathleen Garness wrote:
Those wide sticky tapes are often used for down-and-dirty, quick ways to repair spines, add reinforcement to corners, or as an expedient replacement for bookcloth in small areas or craft applications. It's not inexpensive, and the color range is pretty limited! Paper Source often uses it in their bookbinding classes, but my sense is that a professional bookbinder would avoid it like the plague, preferring instead to use regular bookcloth - purchased or home-made - for their purposes. Bookcloth has the advantage of being fairly repositionable when still wet, unlike the sticky tape.

I remember going thru a few rolls of wide book tape when the spines of our church's hymnals and Books of Common Prayer were getting all ripped up and we were still some years away from replacements. Miserable effort, trying to get the glue off your scissors!! : / This was twenty years ago, and long before I made any books myself. Actually my frustration with the tape and lack of easily-available repair information was one of the things that made me want to take classes in bookbinding later on....
Kathy G

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