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Re: [BKARTS] Blank stamping die to create well


I find compressing board enough in these cases pretty difficult. Instead, I build the surface needed in layers. I use a slightly thinner board underneath then a second sheet, or thin board with a window cut out pastes down. Cheap and pretty fast. In many situations you have to paste a balancing pice on the back of the main board to counteract stresses. This might not be an issue in the bottom of a box... depending on your construction methods.

You can just barely see the result of this method here:
http://www.dreamingmind.com/dwphpsite/gallery.php? target_det=372&target_gal=Personal%20publishing&dir_pik=personal

hmmmm... gotta do something about those url's

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711

On Sep 11, 2006, at 6:45 AM, amy borezo wrote:

Hello, I need a rectangular blank die of a very specific size to create a
well in a box I'm making. I'll be using a Kensol to emboss the well, in
which a picture will then be placed. I'm wondering if the best method is to
simply get the die-maker to create the die from a computer file I give him
or is there a simpler solution?

Thanks for advice!

Amy Borezo

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