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Re: [BKARTS] Stamping die to create well

Some clarification on the project at hand.  I am creating boxes which will
have a liner on the inside of the box. It is the liner which will have the
well. The liner will be 2 ply museum board wrapped with bookcloth.  The
compression issue doesn't really apply as the museum board compresses
nicely. There are a good good many boxes in the edition, so I don't want to
cut out tons of windows, though I have used this method before and it works
nicely. The well measures only 2.25 x 2.5" so the Kensol should be able to
apply enough pressure.

I hope all of this info helps.  I was just curious if there is some type of
metal I could get cut down and easily affix to the Kensol without getting a
blank die made. But then there is the issue of getting the metal cut to the
right size.

Discussing this with you nice people makes me feel as though it is simpler
to get the die made.....Thank you for being a sounding board and for
offering suggestions.  Keep 'em coming if there are more.

Very best,

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