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[BKARTS] Straightening Rolled Paper

Not sure if anyone cares about this sort of thing - but sometimes I need really big pieces of watercolor paper (60" x 70") - and I can't use the curled stuff that comes in rolls. WelI - I just had an amazing experience flattening out rolled paper. I was having trouble rolling out a huge piece and stretching it (thought it has worked before - stapling it to my wall and spraying it evenly with water for several days) - it kept drying a little buckled. On a friend's suggestion I wet the whole sheet while it was on my wall - and carefully rolled it up again and placed it in a sealed plastic bag with an soaked wad of paper towel. After about 5 hours I unrolled the sheet back on my wall and stapled the edges again and left it overnight. The next morning it was so stretched (and flat flat flat!!) that it ripped through the staples about 1/2 a centimeter all around! Beautiful. Just sayin'.

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