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[BKARTS] Survey - Artists as Essayists - can you suggest any?

Hello All!

I am currently researching Artists who are also Essayists. I would appreciate any infomration you may have about the role essay writing may have in your own work or other artists' essay you are familiar with.

If you would like to complete the five question survey below it would be really appreciated.


Natalie Reid

*********************** Survey ? Artists as Essayists *********************

1.Why do you think artists? write essays? Why do you as an artist write essays?

2.What is the connection between essay and art practice?

3.Why do contemporary artists? read essays? How important are they for you?

4.How does the essay process assist you in the development of your own artwork? Or does it?

5.What contemporary artists? essays have you read that have inspired or helped you as an artist? Why did you read it?

Thank you for your participation. This information is being collected by SCA Third Year student?s studying Artists? Writings.
Do you give permission for other student?s to read your responses? YES / NO
Would you prefer to remain anonymous? YES / NO
Please list any of your published essays and where copies be found. The title of the essay and the location of library or website?

***********End of Survey*****************

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