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Re: [BKARTS] The Use of Size after Washing?

For those who might like to refine their understanding of sizing agents, there is a series of professionally written articles:

The Institute of Paper Conservation (UK). Conference Papers, Manchester, 1992.

Nestled in this volume, which includes other excellent papers on conservation et. al., is the following series of seven articles on the subject of sizing and resizing. We list them hereunder:

1. The Historical Development of Sizing Agents, by Simon Green

2. Aspects of the Use of Alum in Historical Papermaking, by Irene Bruckle

3. A Review of Methods for the Identification of Sizing Agents in Paper, by Timothy Barrett & Cynthea Mosier

4. Selecting a Paper Re-sizing Agent and Its Concentration: A Look at Parchment Size and Photographic Gelatin, by Pamela Spitzmueller

5. The Role Viscosity Plays When Choosing Methylcellulose as a Sizing Agent, by Cathleen A. Baker. (This is an important study, and still guides conservators today to the choice of the viscosity grade of methylcellulose when undertaking the various methods of sizing)

6. Natural Plant Sizing Agents in Oriental Papers and the Importance of Re-sizing Such Papers After Washing, by Anna-Grethe Rischel

7. Evaluating the Effect of Gelatin Sizing with Regard to the Permanence of Paper, by Timothy Barrett

A useful volume to have in your Library.

Peter Krantz
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