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Re: [BKARTS] Subject: Libraries: the Museums of the Future

Thanks to Paul and Richard for bringing this
discussion to the list.  

I second Richard's points about the parallels of
experiencing folk art and book art.  

My take is that in our country right now, it's only
folk artists, ethnic artists, and book artists who can
as a whole get along creating work from the heart,
based on their life experience, traditions or
passions.  These works are mostly judged, even when
they enter the larger Art World, on their merits.  

On the other hand, once subjected to the scrutiny of
the Art World, contemporary fine artists are held to a
rigid set of parameters in which their work is judged
according to the strict, current needs of the art
business, and rarely on the merits of the work in any
sense other than timeliness.  I don't know if this is
all a bad thing--art reflects a society in any given
time, and our current scene is doing so faithfully, as
business rules.  But it does make for rather uniform,
rather narrow coverage, perhaps even a sense of

There nevertheless is fantastic, inspired work to be
seen out there at the contemporary museums. The
"motivations and methodologies" of creating painting
and sculpture are not, from the point of view of the
fine artist, necessarily different.  It's just that
certain paintings and sculptures will be exhibited at
the highest levels and others won't.  In my experience
some fine artists opt for that place and others don't.
Lynn Sures

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