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[BKARTS] Fwd: Magazine Stand at the Baltimore Book Festival

Please come to the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend, September 29,30,
October 1,  and visit us at;


A Full Sized Pseudo Magazine Stand That Will Be Selling Newly Compiled
Pseudo Publications and Real Life Artists' Books, 'Zines And Such

We will be located on the circle around the monument.  Below are titles and
artists.  Below them is Book Festival information.

Magazine Stand Publications (some things will change by Friday)

*Imaginary Rock Musicians Draw while Watching Rock Star Supernova, *Jack
Livingston ~ *Drawings of Dancers on the Block*, Spoon Popkin ~ *Organic
Forms & Formations* ~ Paul Nudd, Robby Rackleff ~ *Robots and Utopian
Landscapes*, Andrew Liang, George Spicka ~ *Pickup Trucks, Vans & SUVs*,
Duane Lutsko ~ *Heads*, aghost, Tony Shore ~ *Drawings about Going Fast*,
Peter Pan ~ *Six Drawings of Hilary Swank*, T. Charnan Lewis ~ *Sprituality,
Religion and Related Images*, Seth Ciferri, Adeye Deresse, Elizabeth
Downing, Sam Christian Holmes, Maria Karamatou, Andrew Laing, Michael
Magnan, Luke Ramsey, Surge, Archie Veale, Western Cell Division ~ *Drawings
Relating to Cloth, Sewing, Fashion, Etc.*, Amy Borezo, Audrey Lea Collins,
Jennifer Lynn Stewart Watson, Connie Williams, Anastasia Wong, Karen
Yasinsky ~ *Cars, Motorcycles, Wheelchairs and Peripheral Images*,
Anonymous, George "Fudgie" Dobson, Mikhail Iliatov, Shawn James, Lyle
Kissack, Peter Pan, Marty Root, Ryin Sullen, Unknown ~ *Portraits*, Jerstin
Crosby, Steve Hill, Ian Jehle, Peter Quinn, Gerald Ross, Lauren Ross, Denise
Tassin, Unknown ~ *Guns and Knives*, aghost, Seth Ciferri, Peter Gordon,
Carly Ptak, Jan Razauskas, Andrew Moon Wilson ~ *Airplanes*, Stephen Lee,
Duane Lutsko, Luke Ramsey ~ *Failed Self Portraits*, Anonymous ~ *Cars
Popping Wheelies*, George "Fudgie" Dobson ~ *Birds and Flowers*, Seth
Ciferri, Christine Buckton Tillman

Artists' Books By

Bayard ~ Kyle Bravo ~ Patrick John Costello ~ Jeremy Crawford ~ Lori Damiano
~ Brian Dubin ~ Elkzine ~ Eamon Esprey ~ Evil Twin Publications ~ Jenny
Heidewald ~ Dina Kelberman ~ Knit Knit ~ La La Land ~ Jenny LeBlanc ~ MICA
'Zine Class ~ Charles McGill ~ Motobus (Catherine Wang) ~ Kymia Nawabi ~
Paul Nudd ~ Denise Tassin ~ Michael Zansky ~ and more



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