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[BKARTS] Question about vade mecums, folded almanacs, etc

I am hoping that someone can help me out. I've been looking for information
about the belt books that were popular in the 14 - 15 centuries. This type
of book had multiple pages that were folded either as groups of pages or
individually to make a (usually) long, slim book that was hung from the
belt. They were small, popular with doctors and held astronomical, medical,
or liturgical info. Here are some links to images:

(scroll down the page a little bit).



These are different from what I think of as a girdle book - a regular book
with a tail to tuck under the belt.  However, these "belt books" are often
referred to as girdle books, as well as vade mecums, folded almanacs, and
folded calendars.

Can anyone help me? I've spent hours and hours researching on the net, drove
3 hours to visit a college library, and while I have found some images, I
still can't find anything about how they were actually bound.

Any info or leads will be greatly appreciated!!!
Margie Fenney

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