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[BKARTS] fall classes 2006

Greetings from the Center for Book Arts,
We're about to begin our fall semester here at the Center and are
excited about new course offerings this fall, including:
Natural Cordage - Making your own string 
Learn what natural fibers are, how they can be located, and how they
can be used to prepare thread and cord for bookbinding and other book
arts uses in this weekend workshop.  We will explore fibers from
plants such as: Flax, Jute, Dogbane, Yucca, Pineapple, Raffia, and
Basswood. Students will gain an overview of what fibers can be used,
and how they are processed. We will make samples from a selection of
fibers and bind a book of samples to take home. 
Oct 14-15, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4pm               Peter
Schell                  $230/$245

Spinal Bling: The Transformative Magic of Link Stitch and Variations
Link Stitch is a wonderfully elegant sewing structure that creates
lovely lacey vines that cover the spine of the codex. Sometimes
referred to as 'French Stitch' this workshop will explore several
variations pushing link stitch to new frontiers by using a variety of
different materials. Ribbons, cords of varying weight and beads will
all be employed to create an exposed spine bindings that are beautiful
and functional. We will finish at least one, and probably more
journals using these approaches.
October 28-29, Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 4pm           Miriam Schaer

Design Binding: Forwarding
This two-part class gives students an in-depth look at all the steps
in fine binding, up to and including covering in goatskin. Students
will make endpapers with leather joints, sew a book on tapes, trim
edges in the plough, decorate edges, sew headbands, and cover in
leather, while refining such skills as paring, corners and headcaps.
There will be discussion on the concept of design and how it relates
to and changes the physical structure and appearance of the book, i.e.
the relationship between the ideas or atmosphere of the text, and how
it should be reflected in the binding, with the use of varied
techniques. Students will come away from the class with a completed
leather bound book. This class prepares students for the second
section, to be offered in the winter 2007 session, which will allow
students to work independently on their own design project. 
Prerequisite: Bookbinding II
Oct. 16- Dec 18, ten Monday evenings, 6 to 9 pm             Gavin
Dovey                  $450/$475
Leather Rebacking
Repairing damaged leather books can be a challenging task for
bookbinders. Learn traditional rebacking of leather books in this
weeklong intensive, which will cover spine cleaning and relining,
inner joint repairs, and corner consolidation and repair. We will
discuss issues relating to leather, dyes, consolidants, adhesives, and
tools for lifting and paring.  Come with your questions and books to
practice on. Students should bring to class four old leather bindings
with loose boards and/ or spines, or cracked joints. The books should
have intact sewing and sound leather (no red rot). Remember that these
books are intended for practice, and shouldn't have any real value. 
Prerequisite: Bookbinding II or Bookbinding I & previous experience
working with leather
December 4-8, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4pm
Sophia Kramer               $450/$475
We also are proud to welcome Gary Frost this November as the Center's
Sally R. Bishop Faculty Fellow. Gary will give a lecture on Friday,
November 17th titled "The Cursor, The Haptic, and the Mirror: Formats
of the Book". He will also teach a workshop that weekend, November 18
and 19. Participants will construct three structures, the 'Cartonnage
and Free Leaf Binding', the 'Transfer Tape Binding', and the
'Post-Digital Sewn Board Binding'. 
See our website www.centerforbookarts.org
<http://www.centerforbookarts.org/>  for more details on all our
classes. You can register online or over the phone. 
Sarah Nicholls
Program Manager
The Center for Book Arts
28 W. 27th St. 3rd fl.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 481-0295

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