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[BKARTS] Suggested Readings at the University of the Arts (Philadelphia region)

  September 23, 2006
  Contact: Susan Viguers
                Director of Book Arts and Printmaking Graduate Program
  Hamilton and Arronson Galleries
  The University of the Arts
  OCTOBER 13-28, 2006 The University of the Arts second-year graduate Book Arts and Printmaking students present the exhibition SUGGESTED READINGS. Taking place in the Hamilton and Arronson Galleries, located in Hamilton Hall, at 320 South Broad Street, this exhibition will explore printmaking and the art of the book in forms both innovative and traditional. Included in the exhibition is the work of Elena Bouvier, Amanda D?Amico, Bo DuVall, Sun Young Kang, Phuong Pham, Stephanie Stump, Graham Watson, and Michelle Wilson.  A free public reception will be held on October 13, 2006, from 5-8  PM.
  Printmaking and book art have grown from their historic roots to now include interdisciplinary practice. SUGGESTED READINGS will feature pieces that reference the craft and traditions of the book while also embracing new directions such as literary theory, linguistics and installation. The artists included in the exhibition are creating work that constantly redefines their mediums. 
Elena Bouvier, immigrated to Philadelphia from the depths of South Jersey on a work visa as a photographer for the City Paper and Philadelphia Weekly. In her book and print work she is currently using ink and emulsion to illuminate the narrative, sequence and metaphor of being.
Amanda D?Amico grew up in a restaurant family in Minneapolis. Her work explores American popular culture through politics and media, focusing on our personal relationships with the world through consumption in its many forms.
  Bo DuVall grew up in West Virginia where he was raised in the local library and art museum. His work is a game or riddle, sometimes played out with a dark sense of humor. 
  Sun Young Kang is a native of South Korea, where she received a degree in traditional Korean painting. Currently in her work she is exploring her Buddhist beliefs. 
  Phuong Pham claims various parts of central Pennsylvania and Maryland as her home. Through material and narrative, she aims to turn memoirs into bodies of empathy and translates visceral experiences into book form.
  Stephanie Stump is from Chicago and has a background in graphic design. In her work, she focuses on connectivity among people and combines the use of conventional and digital printing processes. 
  Graham Watson produces books that document human interactions with our environment. His pieces are tools for contemplation of the complex systems within the natural world. 
  Michelle Wilson is currently examining the links between the environment and those who live within it through mapping, intersecting narratives, and translation. A native of Pennsylvania, she has been living and working in Philadelphia for the past ten years.
  The University of the Arts graduate program in Book Arts and Printmaking offers a course of study in which students explore the book as an art form that incorporates two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional structure, time and sequence, text, and image. It embraces both the rich history of the book and its new processes and forms.
    Exhibition hours:
  Monday - Friday 9 AM-6 PM
  Saturday 10 AM- 4 PM

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