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[BKARTS] tooled lines

At the moment I am tooling some lines on a leather covered book. Some days ago I saw an original French binding (dated to 1948) with a lot of gilt lines. But these lines were much brighter than mines. So I was wondering if there is any trick to make lines shine brightly.

I am using Fixor diluted with a bit of demineralized water. Before I apply the Fixor, I (try to) make a nice and not too deep tooling. Then a apply a thin coating of Fixor. After 12 hours waiting, I apply a second coat of Fixor. One hour later I tool the lines using a gilding-roll with low temperature and 2 layers of gold. Then I apply another thin coat of Fixor an tool the lines again. Finally a tool the lines without any gold and with a little bit warmed roll, but I still don't get the lines shine brightly.

So, what am I doing wrong??

Greetings Florian.

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