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[BKARTS] Bible paper

Your note is a bit confusing I think.
India paper is the very thin (bulks to about 1000
sheets/inch) and quite strong paper developed in the
1800's. It is white and rather more than semi opaque
from being loaded with something like titanium white.
Yes, it is also sometimes called Bible paper for its
use in producing pocket versions of that book.
Bible paper as Bookmakers use the term is a heavier
and coloured (even if the colouring is white) opaque
paper used for endsheets; the colour is printed on one
side leaving the opposite white. The seeming ubiquity
as endsheets in Bibles gives it the common name. It
seeks to replicate what were originally "made"
endsheets, a thin coloured pasted to a thin white so
as to provide a coloured pastedown/fly but white
facing white first opening.
I take it that you want a very thin near opaque white
or cream and quite strong paper for use as endsheets,
I would look into a handmade paper. Twinrocker  
http://www.twinrocker.com/index.html   carries a range
of Thin Text papers (about 80 gsm) one of which might
In any case I think you will do better inquiring after
Thin Text papers, as a term of art, rather than Bible
or India, assuming that I have correctly understood
your query. 
But then it is Friday!

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