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Re: [BKARTS] A few questions

At 03:23 AM 10/19/2006, you wrote:
Dear All,
Another student wants to put padding underneath fabric &/or leather on the
book covers. What type & size of material (foam?) is most commonly used.
When we have used thin foam in the past we¹ve had difficulties adhering the
fabric to it & have usually only managed to stretch the fabric over & glue
only on the turn ins. This doesn¹t seem to be a very strong way of binding a
book. Also is it better to take the foam or padding material right to the
covering board edge. I saw in the archive that someone had suggested felt
covered with thin chipboard (would this be archival) or quilt batting. For
both of these how does one manage the gluing

Dear Louise --

I don't know what's available to you in HK, but the polyester quilt batting
comes in a fusible form. The adhesive is already on one surface and you
can iron it on to whatever (the boards?)

Various battings and non-woven interfacings come in different weights and
thicknesses, they are inert, and have a much longer life than foam (which
can break down over time).  They can be applied with spray adhesive.

I don't do binding myself, but many of the "fabric arts" technologies are
transferable to book arts!

Hope this helps!


Susan Fatemi

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