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Re: [BKARTS] FW: [BKARTS] A few questions

Hi Kathy,
Any oil based softener would eventually allow the glue or paste to let go. It would not be a good idea.
When binding a book I always try to remember that I am not binding this book for today or tomorrow but for 100-200 years from now. I try to use methods that are reversible and yet long lasting. "Yes Paste" comes to mind as an example. Although it is touted as being "pH neutral" and "acid free" in an attempt to get people to use it for paper and book arts it yellows with age and so is unsuitable.
If you either do not care about the ephemeral quality of your work, or indeed, want it to be ephemeral, then don't worry about the above suggestion.
Hope this helps,

Kathleen Garness wrote:
I agree with what Ann says. I started out as a fiber artist and worked in that media for over 20 years and I agree about the applications of polyester batting vs. felt and cotton batting. Cotton will lump up and is kind of difficult to control.

Re: the leathere.
Is it possible to soften up the ostrich leather with something like mink oil, which is often used to waterproof and soften shoes? You'd have to clean it carefully off the turn-ins, of course, before completing the binding.

Kathy G

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