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[BKARTS] Winter storm survival

OK, I am going far off topic; this is not about printing or
binding, but it is for people I consider to be my friends that
I am concerned about. The rest of you can go hang.

Do be careful in storm conditions. It is the time of year for
the most dangerous storm conditions; icy winter storms that
disrupt utilities and damage homes, exposing the inhabitants to
dangerous weather conditions.

Enjoy being home with your loved ones. Have a good supply of
candles and batteries? Do you have a good battery radio? Spare
bulbs for the flashlights? 

Do you have a nice supply of canned foods? You should have
enough for your family for two weeks. That includes cat food
and litter.

I am aware that some of the modern gas stoves that have
electric ignition will not let you turn on the knob without
power. If you have a range that needs electricity to operate,
do you have a two burner camp stove that can be used inside?
(The single burner LP cassette stoves are best.) A couple of
cassette stoves is a good idea anyway. Do you have extra
canisters of gas?

Space heaters that use the same style of canister are available
and should be placed in each toilet and two in the kitchen to
guard against pipes freezing.

Have you checked the contents of your first aid kit? Are the
pills and medicines within their expiration date? Don't forget
that antiseptics, Hydrocortisone and Tri-Antibiotic ointments
expire too.

Do you have plenty of spare blankets, throws and quilts clean
and ready to use?

It pays to have a couple of pry bars, large and a pruning saw
in case a tree falls and breaks through a window. You also need
Gaffer's tape and some large sheets of corrugated board in case
a tree comes through a window or wall. Cardboard isn't much to
protect you from the weather, but it will keep the wind out.

In your car have three blankets or comforters per bench seat.
Carry foods that do not require refrigeration or preparation as
well as disposable flatware and plates. Have a good first aid
kit that is up-to-date, and other necessities like jumper
cables, a spare battery/air compressor unit, a box knife to cut
seat belts with in case of an accident, or for self defense. A
couple of pry bars and a small pruning saw may come in handy.
Get a set of local maps that includes town maps.


Pagan, Pagan, what are you finding? 
Yours is the road that winds lonely and far, 
Strange are the shadows that round you come creeping, 
Still through the clouds is the glint of a star!

From the book, Charge of the Goddess 
BY: Doreen Valiente

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