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[BKARTS] free etching paper on Oahu

Copying this plea from another mailing list - if anyone is on Oahu and can
get to this paper see the email address below.
Lee Kirk

> A friend from another mailing list has a Hawaiian problem, trying to
>> save some etching paper from the landfill.
>>> Just passing through on my way to somewhere else. Tried to send this a
>>> few minutes after signing on, didn't work, here it is again.
>>> Is there anyone here from Oahu, particularly artists or teachers?
>>> There is a huge amount of Hanemuehle, the best etching paper money can
>>> buy - and I mean a HUGE amount, something like 60 full-size sheets -
>>> available free for collection near Honolulu. There's a guy I have been
>>> corresponding with, a digital printmaker, who is moving to Maui and
>>> the bulk trash people are coming to get everything he hasn't packed on
>>> Monday, including this paper. I would hate to see this lot go to waste
>>> and the only person I know in Hawaii is a printmaker who lives on
>>> Maui, who can't apparently get to Oahu in time.
>>> The guy is not going to have the time to pack this paper for shipping.
>>> Someone needs to go and fetch it. If my wife's car engine hadn't gone
>>> foom last week I would be paying to ship this lot to myself in
>>> Australia, it's that good. I would hate it to go to waste.
>>> Email me off-list if you can collect it. Even if you don't want the
>>> paper, but can get there, please go save it from landfill and I will
>>> find someone to take it off your hands in short order.
>>> K.

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