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Re: [BKARTS] Winter storm survival

again...as in latest response, i am sorry to prolong this, but.....
perception, my own bent, ways to see the world....is so obvious when reading the last few additions and a good
reminder to always leave room for interpretation.

for me, the 'go hang' found in first e-mail , seemed to me to be used the way my grandchildren use that phrase....just go hang out and dismiss the e-mail if you'd like, and did not seem aggressive at all.
the 'go hang yourself' in the response e-mail seemed very aggressive and i was dismayed by it, had a visceral reaction, for goodness sake!

this interpretation, response, is mine.
i do not know either writer. i probably will never meet these list members. i will never know what was intended by use of those words.

so, as i move on....am going to assume that neither of these people wrote to be 'aggressive'.
and just forget my own uninformed knee jerk response to those e-mails.

have a good weekend
this list is a joy, a great addition to my learning/re-learning  in
so many ways.

thanks to all who share.

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