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Re: [BKARTS] To Hollow or Not To Hollow

On Oct 25, 2006, at 5:01 PM, roroberts@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Either one. I used a hollow today on a cloth book to position the restored case for tucking in new linen joints. And frequently use hollows on more modern leatherbound books.

This list certainly brings about some wonderful/informative discussions that could hardly be done anywhere else, especially so widely.
As I ponder the various comments on this topic, I would like to share one alternative to the above: Many years ago, Jeri Davis gave a presentation at the GBW Standards conference on cloth rebacking. As always, there was something for everyone. One major tip/technique that she shared could be used to replace the hollow that was needed in the above treatment.
Jeri showed us how she (lightly) adheres the textblock to the rebacked cover by running a small amount of adhesive (PVA) along the top of the shoulder (both front and back of the book). Upon inserting the textblock and setting the squares, and then placing the book under a weight, the two components are perfectly aligned. Since the textblock is now somewhat secure, it will allow inserting the new cloth hinge under the original endsheets.
IN FACT, I use this same technique for casing-in new books, and it is especially good for students --- the tipping-in technique certainly saves on the frustration of misaligned endsheets.
Bill Minter

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