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Re: [BKARTS] to hollow or no

Way back in 1985 Gary Frost wrote a fascinating piece in as part of a series called "Toxic Book Methods Alert" titled: "The Evils of the Hollow Tube and the Concertina Guard". While the concertina guard did not seem to have defenders at the time, a lively conversation about spine action ensued in response to Gary's "alert". This took place in the Abbey News in the the letters to the editor section. toward the end of 1985 and much of 86

I will not venture too bold an opinion, since I definitely believe tubes made of a variety of materials have their uses in conservation work and certain historical binding styles. But In "binding for the shelf"and trying to counteract textblock sag, I think eliminating the tail square may be the simplest solution, or putting the book in a box that has a support at the tail to keep the textblock from sagging, or just shelving everything horizontally!

That a hollow makes positioning for casing-in easier is clear to me. That it is of use when a binding has a "groove" is less clear to me.

Well, here is the original letter from Gary: The responses are not on-line...due to copywrite issues I assume.



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