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[BKARTS] Tawed pig "tapes" in Florence

The tawed pig (or preferably tawed goat) tapes or
strips are cut through on a center line so as to work
like double linen cords in sewing. By leaving the ends
of these strips unslit until lacing in it is easier to
hold the tawed "cords" at even tension and placement
on the sewing frame.
The sewing method is identical to packed herringbone
sewing over double cords.

--- Guffey <dguff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I, too, watched this fascinating film (some break
> up, but very watchable). 
> I do have a question about a sewing structure shown
> at 23 minutes into the 
> film (you can fast-forward the clip using the arrow
> at the bottom of the 
> screen).  The binder was sewing what looked like
> signatures (I couldn't see 
> a fold) onto white alumed tawed or whit tawed (not
> sure of spelling or what 
> that is) pigskin [tapes] using a herringbone stitch.
>  The thread actually 
> went into the center of each tape and then into the
> text block.  Does anyone 
> where I could find more detailed information on this
> type of binding?  (I 
> thought sewing on tapes one avoided the thread
> actually catching any of the 
> tape.)  They did say this was a common form of
> binding in the middle ages.
> Thanks for any help,
> D. Guffey 

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