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[BKARTS] Florian's dull leather surface

Yes Florian you may polish the leather with a warmed
or hot polishing iron after tooling; that is fairly
standard practice in "fine" hand binding.
BUT the hot tool will of course set any fixor
remaining on the surface of the leather AND any bits
of gold or dirt or dust on the fixor so the binding
must be well cleaned before this final polishing.
Some binders will apply a very very thin coat of wax
or neutral shoe polish to the leather before this last
warm polishing. Applying the wax will clean the
leather somewhat and then it it melts under the warm
iron giving a smoother movement of the tool and an
attractive mellow polish to the leather and tooling.
If you want to avoid a high gloss then polish through
a piece of thin smooth paper (common copy paper does
fine) and not directly on the leather itself.
You sound as if you have experience with using
polishing irons so you probably know but do be careful
to start warm and keep the tool moving. 
A marred surface this late in the game is all but

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