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Re: [BKARTS] Dying Leather

--- David Lanning <dl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We would also recommend that when purchasing our
> leather dyes, you also 
> consider purchasing a new product, Dye-Fix (listed
> below the Dye on the 
> afore mentioned page).
In the product description for Dye-Fix it states,
"Once dry, the leather can be finished in the 
normal way".

What is the "normal way"?

I read the article "Leather Staining, Dyeing and
Decorating" (Skin Deep Spring 1997 v.3) referenced 
on the Hewit web page.  And a good article BTW.

Is the article suggesting a paste wash between
dyeing and finishing, or is a paste wash just
necessary for tooling?

And the paste wash?  Is it Rice paste or Wheat paste?

Thank you for your time,
And sorry for the bombardment of questions.
ps.  Please share your response to the list.

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