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[BKARTS] Essay_"Printing and the Cloistered Community..."

Hello, Colleagues, and with apologies for cross-posting:

For an essay in progress with the title "Printing and the Cloistered
Community: Production in American Utopias," we'd be most grateful for any
research pointers, personal experiences, graphics and images on this subject.

Our focus is the ways in which printing, specifically letterpress,
has been used by such organized Utopian groups as the Oneida Society,
Shakers, and Mormons, though certainly not limited to these well-known
examples, and certainly not limited to New York State.

We seek to answer such questions (and encourage other questions as
yet unconsidered) as:

---what role did the "broadcast medium" of printing have to do with
the goals of a contemplative, internalized community?

---was such production used in an income-producing way?

---what were some products of these groups?

---what bibliographic information exists, or needs to exist?

---what was the fate of equipment when such groups disbanded or expired?

We define a cloistered society as any intentional group leading a
contemplative life away from the general populace and framed by spiritual
principles, dating from the arrival of Europeans in North America.

Please feel free to forward this request to colleagues. If there is
sufficient response and interest, I will summarize the responses and
report them to the list.

Kind regards,
Peter Christian Pehrson, Director
Waxing Gibbous Books & Written-by-Hand: Manuscript Americana
waxinggibbousbooks.com    writtenbyhand.com
Yale Box 206581, New Haven, CT 06520
Toll-free 1-877-395-2048 (general business hours M-F)
Web blog: weblogs.bibliobox.com/Written-by-hand


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